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"I was referred here by my co worker as he said he puts a lot of trust and praise into this dental office. I’m naturally very anxious when it comes to dental work and I admit I haven’t taken care of my teeth too well, but the workers made me feel very at ease. The office is clean and modern which is a plus looking for a new place, they answered any questions I had, very knowledgeable employees and helped put me at ease. I had my wisdom tooth extracted that was growing sideways causing a cavity to the molar next to it, they were able to extract the tooth and find a way to do a filing same visit! They walked me through the healing process and what to do, I healed up quite fast and well with the surgery. Would definitely come back for routine visits, my anxieties with dentist have definitely dwindled down."

Google Review - August 2022

"My family and I come to Cardinal Dental and have always had great experiences. Whether it's for a routine cleaning, a filling, wisdom teeth removal, or anything else, I highly recommend coming here. Everyone is so kind, and clearly good at what they do."

Google Review - October 2021

"Always a great experience here! Everyone working in the building is incredibly nice and friendly. I have been going here for forever. I’m living in utah right now for school but I always come back to Palo Alto to get my cleanings done at a place I can trust."

Google Review - October 2021

"My wife went in 10 months postpartum to get all four of her wisdom teeth out, the bottom two were complicated cases of impacted wisdom teeth touching the nerve. We were quite nervous during the consultation with Dr. Roberts, because the previous consultants had refused to take her case since they had chances of complications and quoted an unreasonable price. But Dr. Roberts assured us that although it was rare, her case wasn’t impossible to treat and that he would give her medication that wouldn’t affect breastfeeding.


We were terrified of the surgery, but his confidence and positive communication drastically reduced all our doubts. We loved how he patiently listened and answered all our questions and concerns; a very rare quality in doctors these days. He also has a wonderful crew of assistants that really do their part to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed.


They also don’t charge a fortune for their services; quite reasonable compared to other dentists I should say. The surgery went really well and he was so humble, he even accompanied my wife to walk back to the car alongside me since she was so drowsy from all the medication. The recovery went well except for one extraction site that wasn’t healing properly. Every time we would call the office to complain about the pain, he never hesitated to call her in for a quick checkup to make things better.


He is by far the best dental specialist we have met, and I will never forget the great person he is. Couldn’t be more grateful to get my wife’s services done by Dr. Roberts and his team. Thank you so much for everything, Dr. Roberts."

Google Review - September 2020

"Am fortunate to have been under the care of Dr. Roberts for several years. In addition to check ups, I've had some major work done and could not have asked for a better experience. One of the things I appreciate the most is that he always explains what he is doing and what to expect, and of course the work is done perfectly."

Google Review - April 2020

After many bad experiences with dentists from implants failing to pulling a tooth that went wrong, finally I went to Dr. Roberts. He and his new partner are exceptionally experienced, honest and professional. I only wish my wife would have gone to him sooner.

Yelp Review - June 2020

"I came to Dr. Roberts for a second opinion! And I AM SO THANKFUL I DID! I broke one of my molars in January and I went to go see a dentist in San Jose with my insurance. That Dentist told me he was going to have to do a deep cleaning of my gums, extract my tooth, do a foot lift, and then put a bone graft and implant in. It was going to cost 10k or something very crazy like that. I was very shocked and defeated, and my father who had a bunch of dental work done, told me to go see Dr. Roberts..


Dr. Roberts SAVED my tooth, he just did a root canal and said my gums were healthy. I was awake during the minor surgery and I was amazed, he is impeccable!!! All his assistants are so wonderful as well, very fun to be around and they make going to the Dentist nothing what it sounds. I'm lucky I came here, and I'll be coming back every 6 months for cleanings!! See you guys soon :) and thank you!"

Yelp Review - August 2019

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